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Welcome to my second blog, “Statements of Interest.” My first was “The Great Change – Turning Cathy into a Lawyer,” and I imagine I may sometimes link back to items within it, but now that I am decidedly a lawyer it’s time to move on to a new forum where I can speak more clearly in my shiny new lawyerly voice.

Like the other blog, this will generally be a law blog, or “blawg,” if you like (or “jurnal” if you’re French…). My favorite thing about becoming a lawyer has been getting to reflect upon this thing known as “the law” — how it works, why it works, or even how and why it doesn’t. I enjoy contemplating these issues, and a blog is a great place to share what I come up with.
Particular areas of interest to me involve technology policy, which covers such matters as “cyberlaw,” copyright law, privacy law, and free speech. I care about civil liberties generally and will often focus on them even when they don’t directly implicate technology, but the reality is that in our digital age they have become increasingly inextricable.

Meanwhile there are other areas of the law that interest me too, and so it’s likely I’ll also cover such topics as tort law, contract law, international law, poverty law, or even the basic processes and impetuses behind the creation and enforcement of law generally. Yet I refuse to limit myself to only these serious, legal topics. There’s too much else out there in the world that’s interesting. Indeed, that’s why I have titled my blog as I have, as “Statements of Interest.” Science, religion, news, language, politics, pop culture, travel, me… If there’s something interesting to talk about, then it’s fair game for this blog.

No matter what I talk about, however, it will still always be said through the voice of a lawyer. I do not have any current wish to pursue a legal practice through my blog (please note the disclaimer: I am not your lawyer, nor am I here to dispense legal advice), but there’s nothing I can ever say or do that won’t be informed by the significant training and education I’ve incurred as part of my legal profession.

Non-lawyer readers should not fear that my being a lawyer will necessarily make me stodgy and dry. I may have stodgy and dry days, and for that I apologize in advance, but being a lawyer generally means that I’ll be able to think and write more clearly than I might have done before becoming a lawyer. Becoming a lawyer has made me come to require a certain precision from the world, but I think that’s generally a positive thing. Being able to sort through things that are muddled is important, because often that’s what needs to be done in order to start making things better.

On the other side of the coin, lawyer-readers shouldn’t fear for my ethos when I explore non-lawyerly topics. It’s still the same lawyerly brain, but it would be an extremely boring one indeed if it was all business, all the time. Everything valuable I have to offer as a lawyer is of value only to the extent that people — all people, even non-lawyers — want to receive it. And who wants to listen to someone boring? Rest assured, no matter how silly the subject I may tackle, the knowledge base and analytical reasoning of a lawyer will still always be on offer.

Just hopefully that of an interesting one.

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