Jan 232008

If you’ve been checking back here incessantly you may have noticed some changes as I’ve begun to wrangle the cryptic mess that is MovableType 4.01. Now that I’m getting into it I’m beginning to understand it a little better, but it’s still extremely unintuitive and/or poorly-designed outright. I just can’t wait until MT4.1 comes out — and the upgrade manages to destroy what I’ve finally managed to figure out…

While I wish I had been able to get the blog all set and ready to go before announcing the move, I really needed to start publishing to it in order to have something to work with. At this point though I think many of the major decisions have been worked out. I may still tweak the stylesheet, but I’ve decided I can generally live with this one without making too many changes. The biggest pending decision is whether the front page should have two columns or three. At the moment I only have enough content for two and the third column is blank, but I wasn’t happy with how it looked when I set it up to only have two columns, like the old site has. I was sort of surprised by this: my writing tends to be dense, so I thought that if it appeared in a more narrow column it would force too much scrolling. But on retrospect I think downward scrolling is better than forcing the eye to scan nearly all the way across the page. Even I found the amount of words I was forcing myself to read that way to be intimidating. Instead the smaller column makes my paragraphs look like much more manageable bites. So, now it will be a question of how to fill the third column. I have some ideas, but no time frame for trying them out, as I’m not sure when I feel like scheduling in the inevitable frustration pursuing them will inevitably cause….

As always, feedback is welcome, but I think at this point I’m pretty much good to go.

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