Jan 052009

“It’s funny,” I twittered to @CharonQC recently, “That you are developing an interest in US law just as I’m developing an interest in UK law.”

“CharonQC,” the nom de plume for an inimitable London legal figure, has taken to blogs and twitters with incomparable relish and purpose, using them as effective tools to stoke his developing interest in the American legal terrain. Towards that end he’s composed a “pageflake” of US blogs, and this week hosts the latest Blawg Review (that happily includes my law and technology post).

Meanwhile I, for my part, am also using these technology tools to stoke my ever-burgeoning interest in UK law, an interest that has me once again making my way across the pond.

While I normally don’t telegraph where I’m going to be, in this case I’m making an exception because I would very much welcome meeting with my UK legal compatriots. I’ll be there the 6th through 11th, and apart from trying to gatecrash the RSC production of Hamlet to satisfy my traditional theater requirement, my schedule is fairly open. Please drop me a line and let’s see if we can arrange a rendezvous. I still don’t have a UK cell phone, but the hotel promises free WiFi, so hopefully my trip won’t be the information technology nightmare the last one was

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