Mar 122009

About that new year’s resolution to blog more… Let’s just pretend that February didn’t happen, ok?

Because it’s obviously time to get back on the blogging wagon, seeing how Eric Goldman’s terrific blogging round table is convening again next week. I plan to attend, as usual, and ideally with the credibility of being an actual blogger. Thus it would probably help if I were actually blogging…

Interestingly, the theme for this round table is blogger burnout. Why are some people who blogged prolifically a few years ago now suddenly silent?

My silence, however, has nothing to do with burnout. I’m as committed to blogging as ever. Rather, my silence mostly has been due to life taking some interesting turns lately, and wanting to focus on seeing where they might take me. Still, I know that where I want to go blogging will help me get to, so I hope to return to more prolific posting here shortly.

In the meantime, if you’re a Bay Area Blawger, please drop by the event next week at Santa Clara University. Further details can be found at Eric’s site.

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