Mar 152009

My earlier-professed interest in English law is under fire from the rather horrific state of English law. Every day it seems I read about some new ghastly encroachment of civil liberties in the UK that even Orwell himself couldn’t dream up on his most cynical day.

Fortunately there is “Geeklawyer,” a UK technology and civil liberties lawyer, to fight the good fight, however drunkenly and/or pseudonymously. This week he is the host of Blawg Review #203, a Bacchanalian tribute to the latest in law blawgs. Including mine, despite my recent lack of prolificacy. He was kind enough to include a vaguely recent post, the one on contract lawyering, whose relevance increases with each passing week as more and more Big Law firms lay off even more of their lawyers. The legal business model is very broken, and I’m increasingly convinced that contingent arrangements are the key to the future.

But more on this and other topics later. Although hopefully not too much later, as I’d like to be able to make the next Blawg Review…

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