Jul 062009

This past week we celebrated an important anniversary. That’s right: July 5 was Huey Lewis’s birthday.

Though other 80s rock stars have been in the headlines of late, I’ve been plotting planning this Huey Lewis and the News-themed Blawg Review for quite some time now. People who know me know I’m a big fan of Huey Lewis and the News (hereinafter “HLN”). People who know me know their music has been a big part of my life, particularly in recent years as I’ve pursued my legal career.

But while I had the prescience to become a fan some 20+ years ago, obviously not everyone has been so fortunate. It would therefore be very wrong of me to waste this opportunity to share all the great things I know about this band and their music.

So join me in this week’s Blawg Review as I share the latest in legal blogging along with this crash course in HLN appreciation.

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