Mar 012013

As long as I’m reposting items from the blog I kept while I was a law student, I should include this one because there has been an important update.

For some context, I did a semester of my 3L year in Hamburg at Bucerius Law School. The first private law school in Germany, it funded itself in part through the sponsorship of large law firms.

The Clifford Chance Napping Room

The other day some German students were discussing how Bucerius really needs to build a “napping room,” perhaps with an LCD screen that should easily show new nappers which beds were available. In case of high demand, they could also be put on a timing mechanism, kind of like the showers in train stations. (I used one once in Copenhagen: you get 30 minutes for your shower, and when the time’s up, the door is going to open whether you’re ready or not…)

One student then suggested that perhaps Clifford Chance could sponsor the “napping room.” After all, other rooms in the school had been sponsored by leading law firms, like Linklaters and White and Case. But Clifford Chance does not (yet) have a room of its own, and the students thought this might provide the perfect sponsorship opportunity.

“Do you have napping rooms at your schools in the US?” the students asked me.

“Yeah, but we call them libraries.”

Anyway, the upshot is, apparently Bucerius does indeed now have a napping room. I’m not sure if Clifford Chance sponsored it, but if it would like the opportunity to, every law school everywhere could certainly use their own…

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  2 Responses to “The Clifford Chance Napping Room – an update”

  1. Interesting branding issue for Clifford Chance, though. Do you want your clients to know you as the ‘napping law firm’?

  2. Bucerius has enough cachet in Germany it might not care.

    In other news, I’m really bummed that the domain name you provided in your comment doesn’t exist :-(

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