Jan 282008

Blawg Review #144 is up, over at Kevin Thompson’s Cyberlaw Central blog.

For those unfamiliar with Blawg Review it is what’s known as a blogging “carnival.” I don’t know who came up with the name, “carnival,” which always struck me as kind of ridiculous, but the idea behind them is nice. Bloggers are hard at work all over the blogosphere, creating their posts, but what fun is it to write if no one ever comes by to read what you’ve written? Blog carnivals help solve that isolation problem by creating meta posts that contain links to lots of other bloggers’ posts, thus providing them with much-needed exposure.

In the case of Blawg Review, various legal bloggers sign up to “host” an edition of Blawg Review, released on Mondays, which contain links to some of the best posts from other legal bloggers the previous week. Bloggers who would like to be included can either nominate themselves, or hope that someone else might have nominated them (Blawg Review likes to encourage people to nominate other bloggers who’ve written things worthy of attention). It’s also possible that the host may include posts that he himself has seen over the previous week sua sponte, as they say in the law.

I myself have long planned to participate in Blawg Review in order to help attract readers and raise the profile of my blog, but I never really got around to it. Jeremy Blachman as a host did once link to me sua sponte, as did the mysterious figure (and very nice albeit anonymous guy) known as the Blawg Review Editor, but this week marked the first time I’ve ever managed to get it all to come together, having an appropriately meaty post to submit and remembering to do so before the deadline.

The understanding among Blawg Review participants is that when the new edition comes out you provide a link to it. I’m not sure it’s a strictly enforced policy, but it certainly seems like the neighborly thing to do. And there’s no real cost. If you like my blog, you may well like any of those other blogs linked from it. And an edition of Blawg Review is not just a page listing a bunch of static lists — Blawg Review editors are encouraged to use their creativity in how they present the work of their peers. This week’s, for instance, used Lord of the Rings as a vehicle for tying together these links. One page to link them all…

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  1. Don’t be too modest, Cathy, your post was quite good! There were several submissions that didn’t get included and were left on the editing room floor, so to speak. I quite liked your reasoning as well as the explanation of the privilege, which was clear and concise.

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