Feb 182008

I’d forgotten how much fun a bike race can be. I’d seen a few before: a stage of the 1999 Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) as it spilled down from the Italian Alps into picturesque Borgo San Dalmazzo, and the mountaintop finish of 2002’s Tour de France climb up Provence’s looming Mount Ventoux. There’s always such a festive energy surrounding them, the kind that a parade normally attracts. A really, really fast parade…

Some races, like the Tour de France, are led by an actual parade, “Le Caravan de Publicit√©,” where costumed models toss sponsors’ shwag into the crowd assembled along the race route from trucks-turned-outrageously-sculpted-parade-floats. But all road races are characterized by the cloud of fuss that surrounds the cyclists as they zip along to the finish.

This year’s Tour of California bike race was no exception. One hundred twenty-nine (or so) riders sped down Bridgeway in Sausalito today, on their way to Highway 1 and about 95 more miles before later reaching Santa Rosa. Bridgeway being but a stone’s throw from where I live, I went out to watch the race sail through. Preceded by motorcycles bearing cameramen, cop cars, and sedans carrying race VIPS, the peloton, with helicopters swirling overhead, tore onto the 101 onramp trailed by more cop cars, team cars with roofs crammed full with spare bikes, and an impatient population of local drivers who’d been kept off the road while the race passed through…

But then, all too quick (except for those inconvenienced local townspeople who are not amused by professional bike racing), it was over. The racers were well on their way through their scenic and self-propelled Tour of California.
And not of Iowa, which has its own scenic and self-propelled cycling tour, the much-less rapid and presumably much less rife with dopage “RAGBRAI,” or “Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.” Blawger Rush Nigut finds himself daydreaming about this summer ride in this week’s Blawg Review, from which I am linked.

Which may be particularly fitting. Although I’ve ridden bikes ever since my parents taught me at age six, it was an ex-boyfriend who really turned me onto the sport. We’re no longer together, which may be apparent from my “I need a husband” post, a post that’s apparently so popular that it’s now been linked to Blawg Review twice…

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  1. Just trying to help out the cause. Actually it fit in the story all too well.

  2. Not a complaint! Because you’re right — if I keep getting it linked to Blawg Review, I just may find that husband yet!

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