Feb 292008

At Opinio Juris Roger Alford asks whether recognition of leap year constitutes customary international law, having “been in practice since the 16th century … general, consistent and uninterrupted across the decades.” He goes on to note, “No state claims a right to object to the practice. And yet no treaty governs the question.”

Meanwhile, in more pedestrian legal matters, I overheard a lawyer declare, “Leap year’s great. An extra day to get in your billable hours.”

I wonder, though, if there were firms out there that added extra hours to the yearly requirement because there was the extra day…

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  1. Are there any countries that use the Eastern Orthodox calendar as a matter of law? It’s about two weeks behind the standard Western calendar.

  2. I think some did into the 20th century. My grandfather, for instance, wasn’t entirely sure when his birthday was since he was born in Ukraine. But I think for the most part they gave that up.

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