Dec 222008

I have been a very bad fellow blawger not to have acknowledged two previous Blawg Reviews that have so kindly acknowledged me. Kim Kralowec at the UCL Practitioner in her California-themed Blawg Review #183 linked to my infamous Law Crossing is Spamming Me post, and over at the Faculty Lounge, for #184 Dan Filler linked to my grumbles on the California propositions.

Now comes an appropriately festive Blawg Review #191 from Ron Coleman at Likelihood of Confusion, where he explains the theories behind the Miracle of Hannukah, when, as the ultimate example of fuel efficiency, the oil that should have only burned for one day made it through eight. Apparently, according to Ron, my post on the Montana stream access law invoking fish and water is itself Hannukah themed. But I do think Ron may have missed an opportunity not to have gotten all these blawgers together to debate the appropriate English spelling of “Hannukah”… (He’s gone with “Chanuka,” but I have no patience for goyim pronouncing it like “church,” so I usually surrender the gutteral “h” sound and resort to a more phonetic English spelling.)

Meanwhile, in other law blog news, I’m happy to report that the faculty of the Boston University School of Law at last again has a blogger in its ranks. Jay Wexler, whom I vaguely know because I think he judged a practice moot court argument for me, has written a book on famous First Amendment cases involving religion called Holy Hullabaloos and now writes a blog by the same name. I must say it’s so nice to see BUSL finally have a law blogger again. I was starting to think it would take a miracle.

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