Dec 162008

The other day I prepared a lengthy post declaring how Twitter doesn’t really do anything for me. Then my ISP had a hardware crash that killed my website, and suddenly it became my only outlet to the world.

So I find myself with mixed feelings. On the negative side, I hate being limited to 140 characters to express my thoughts. I hate that URLs chew up great swathes of those precious characters, and I hate that the limit forces me to suppress my pedantic self and instead employ all sorts of obnoxious abbreviations and acronyms rather than gloriously full spellings in order to economize.

I also hate that Twitter doesn’t really solve the problem I want to solve. I’ve been looking for a technology that would allow me to quickly and easily post interesting links I stumble across through my blog with enough commentary to give them context but without needing to draft a full-fledged essay around them. So far I’ve tried and rejected, and Twitter’s not looking much better either.

But let’s face it, all the cool people are twittering, so might as well give it a try.

Thanks to the prolific Tweeting of Stephen Fry (about whom I am an expert) I’ve been induced to explore the mysterious world of followers and following. I’ve already picked out a few people to follow (mostly legal bloggers) and sent out a few test Tweets.

It is unclear, however, how long I will maintain this experiment. As it is I’m already grumpy about it, and I get the sense that it’s like the new toy everyone just got for Christmas and by January will be bored with. Even the Stephen Frys of the world may soon tire of the energy and effort being interesting on Twitter requires. But until that day comes when we can retire Twitter to the annals of Internet history along with dancing babies and rickrolling (oh wait, has that not been retired yet?), I’ll give it a shot. I currently Tweet at @CathyGellis, and if you don’t look like a slimy spammer I’ll let you follow me.

Be warned, however, that I do not promise to be interesting on Twitter. If you want to read me being interesting, you’ll have to come here.

Unless and until the site crashes again, of course.

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  3 Responses to “The Twitter Experiment”

  1. Twitter can be fun… met some very amusing UK, canadian and US lawyers… social chit cht…. not into the marketing side
    You may find my Twitter Review gives you a view!
    I was surprisingly sober when I wrote it!

  2. Cathy,
    Have you checked out Tumblr?
    It might be just what you’re looking for, i.e. posting links and other short updates.
    You could stream the Tumblr updates into your Movable Type blog’s sidebar as ‘Asides’ if you were looking to integrate the two.
    Good luck!

  3. You may or may not find this useful. Twitter Experiment

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