Jan 222009

I was starting to do so well, living up to a 2009 resolution to write a lot more. Why, right here on this blog I almost got up to a post-a-day average. But then my laptop broke, so here I am, sitting at home in the dark, curled up in a fetal position and shaking from withdrawal…

OK, that’s not technically true: I’ve found intermittent Internet access through other means, and I hope to have my own machine back shortly. But until then, and until I can catch up on writing about all the interesting things that need to be written about, I wanted to thank “CharonQC” (aka Mike Semple Piggot) for interviewing me for his podcast for his blog and Insite Law Magazine.

We talked about English and American law and practice, the economy, the presidency, and, uh, me… And yet somehow managed to avoid any mention of Stephen Fry, which seems odd because we managed to work in references to David Tennant and Edward Fox, yet Mr. Fry has had a greater influence on stoking my interests in UK law than either of the others. Oh well, for a future podcast perhaps…

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  1. No references to John Mortimer?

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