May 252009

It’s Blawg Review, and once again I’ve been organized enough to contribute to it. Kevin Thompson at Cyberlaw Central is hosting and has composed his Blawg Review in honor of Towel Day, a day of tribute to Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That guide is known for its helpful travel tips, including that one must always be sure to have their towel.

Speaking of travel, my post about going to INTA is linked to this Blawg Review, but without the picture my friend took of me there holding a Travelodge towel due to some concern on my part that given the angle, lighting, and wardrobe choices (or lack thereof) I ended up looking too much like an artichoke in said picture. So instead I sent in a different one, one where there’s no danger of me being confused for being a vegetable of any kind. (At least none known in this part of the galaxy.)

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