Jun 012009

On June 1, quite a few years ago, President Monroe asked Congress to declare war on England. “CharonQC” reminds us of this fact in this week’s Blawg Review, along with many other facts surrounding this date in history.

In all seriousness, I find the history of US-UK relations to be a source of tremendous optimism about the world, showing how two enemies can eventually come to be close friends — as governments, and as peoples. And people. This week’s Blawg Review collects posts from lawyers on both shores (including my “Sticks and Stones” one).

Of course, given the state of UK politics — with the predilection of its governing officials to underwrite, with the public fisc, their extensions of their homes to house their servants, the constructions of islands in their lakes to house their ducks, and the maintenance of their houses’ moats — it’s probably just as well that the US went its separate way all those years ago…

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