Mar 222010

Cyberlawyer Kevin Thompson reprises his Blawg Review hosting duties this week in #256, an edition devoted to the science fiction novel (not so much the movie) Dune. He included my recent post, “Runaway Secrets,” whose contemplation of technology dovetailed nicely with his overall futuristic theme. (He also paid a very nice compliment to my Huey Lewis and the News-themed Blawg Review from last year.)

I have always thought it good form to acknowledge the hosts who have acknowledged me. Unfortunately, I have often failed to live up to that ideal. Checking my records I see I’ve missed recognizing some hosts and would therefore like to use this opportunity to make amends.

One that I missed was Carolyn Elefant’s inclusion of my post about a Welsh school’s ban on swim goggles in Blawg Review #215 for World Oceans Day at her MyShingle blog. I have a sinking feeling (no pun intended… ok, maybe it’s a little intended) that I may have missed another Blawg Review reference from another occasion as well, but Google is being of no help in figuring out when that might have been.

It may have been Sheryl Sisk Schelin’s Blawg Review #227 on the Inspired Solo blog I am confusing it with. Sometimes one of the reasons I miss posting about the Blawg Reviews is because I’d like to say something of substance with respect to the overall Blawg Review, and sometimes time slips away before I have that chance. But I suppose her linking to my post on the Lockerbie bomber’s release will have to suffice for right now in the substance department.

Ron Coleman kindly thought to include me in yet another of his Hannukah-themed Blawg Reviews, this time in edition #242. He linked to my post on the privacy consequences to Facebook friendship, but perhaps next year I should write a post about the possible spelling variants of “Hannukah.”

Finally, and I don’t see how I could have previously avoided mentioning it, there’s CharonQC’s Blawg Review #245 tour de force, which, as you will see if you follow the link, should always be with you. Charon (aka Mike Semple Piggot) and I have an unofficial competition going on to see who can write the longest Blawg Reviews. I think he wins, but given that he, too, used his Blawg Review to link to my epic Huey Lewis and the News Blawg Review, you can easily see for yourself.

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  1. There are more than one way to spell Chanukah?

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