Jul 032012

Hello, world, it’s been a while, so I thought I’d catch you up on some of what I’ve been busy doing in my professional life while I’ve not been busy blogging here. I have, for instance, been doing a lot of writing elsewhere. My 2011 survey article on Internet intermediary liability was recently published (here’s the 2010 version), and a new update has also been drafted and is now in the editing process. I also wrote a chapter on navigating the DMCA for a practitioner’s guide to be published by the ABA hopefully sometime later this year.

I’ve also done a lot of public speaking on Internet law. In particular, this spring alone I spoke at a college media conference in New York City, at the Open Rights Group conference in London, and before the Silicon Valley chapter of the Internet Society, and separately presented a telephonic CLE through the California State Bar IP Section, which at some point should be downloadable as a podcast.

And now there’s this: along with Paul Alan Levy and Public Citizen I have taken on representation of Plaintiff Doe in Doe v. Carreon, a case made necessary by real and wrongful efforts by a fellow, but extremely wayward, attorney to chill the free speech rights of a blogger. I cannot think of an situation that further exemplifies exactly why I wanted to become a lawyer in the first place, to vindicate free speech interests that others would attempt to squelch, particularly, as in this case, with the misapplication of intellectual property law to the Internet.

Meanwhile, coming soon: further developments to Digital Age Defense.

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