Jan 022013

New year, new blog…  Well, it’s the old blog, but I got tired of maintaining MovableType, so I ported “Statements of Interest” over to WordPress.  The migration was happily pretty painless, except that all my carriage returns seem to have vanished, and I couldn’t completely replicate the theme.  I settled on this one as a temporary measure, but hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to solve both of these problems.  And resurrect all the tags that disappeared.

I would actually rather be, you know, blogging rather than hacking my own website, but baby steps I guess…

Update 1/4: the paragraph breaks should all be fixed.  Now to salvage all the inline pictures…

Update 2/16: the paragraph breaks are not all fixed, apparently, but they will get fixed as I notice them and have a chance to update them. In the meantime, I’m still playing with the theme, so expect some future disorientation.

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