Aug 262015

The Washington Post has a letter today signed by various generals opposing the Iran nuclear deal.  But as “Emptywheel” noted on Twitter:

That guy? John Poindexter, who was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair for having helped supply arms to Iran in the 1980s.

Which made me think today was a good day to post the Iran Contra Nursery Rhyme I wrote way back in middle school, so we could better remember why it is we currently find ourselves in this diplomatic mess with an over-armed country we helped make over-armed:

Diddle diddle dumpling My Son Ron
Sold some weapons to Iran.
They helped Iran to fight a war,
I guess that’s what presidents are for.

Diddle diddle dumpling My Son Ollie,
He committed the ultimate folly.
He wouldn’t say if it were fact or myth,
He just shut up and pled the fifth.

Diddle diddle dumpling My Daughter Fawn
Was up one morning before the dawn.
She was part of the White House Capers,
Lying, cheating, and shredding papers.

Diddle diddle dumpling My Children the Aides
Played a large role in Ronnie’s escapades.
Heaven forbid should they have lied,
Instead they claimed their tongues were tied.

Diddle diddle dumpling My Husband Dick
Once had played a nasty trick.
He exclaimed, “It’s no sin!”
And so goes the legacy of Richard Nixon.

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