Jan 252009

When I was in law school, BU, like many other law schools, started offering students a chance to get professional-looking business cards through the career development office. I thought it was a great idea: business cards are a nice, convenient networking tool that can quickly and concisely convey basic contact information, and, instead of using chintzy, homemade cards, by getting them through the law school we could take advantage of their sophisticated branding. Who wouldn’t want to get these?

Well, apparently some people. Former law student Jeremy Blachman, of Anonymous Lawyer fame, once had a blog post questioning the need. Or, rather, the need to be any more pretentious than we already were just by being law students. OK, maybe that’s more an issue for students who were at Harvard than for those of us across the river at Boston University… But, really, business cards? For students? Still, networking is networking, and it’s always good to have a convenient way to do it that doesn’t make you look like a shlump.

Especially because you never know who you’re going to need to network with.
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